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Cow Laban

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Laban is a milk drink made from yogurt with a little salt is added to it to enhance the taste. Laban was even mentioned in the Holy Qur’an for its great value and pleasant taste.

Laban benefits:

  • Provides the body with a large amount of calcium.
  • It improves mood and calms the nerves.
  • It promotes calm sleep
  • It strengthens and maintains the teeth.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Kills bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Reduces effects of skin burns.
  • Moisturizes the body and keeps skin hydrated.
  • One of the most powerful sources of protein.
  • It helps protect against gallstones.
  • Rich in beneficial bacteria that boost the immune system in the body.
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3 reviews for Cow Laban

  1. z_h_q2007 (verified owner)

    شي من الاخر لذيذ وصحى

  2. ????? ????? (verified owner)

    لذيذ مررره ما توقعت يعجبني
    بس طلع ملحه و حموضته معتدله 👍

  3. Fatemah (verified owner)

    ماشاء الله لذيذ وطبيعي

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