About Us

Khairat Laziza is a nonprofit organization that specializes in manufacturing cheese and natural healthy food products.
All of its income is dedicated to philanthropy.

Our Vision

To become a world leader in the manufacturing of cheese and natural products by offering a natural, innovative, distinctive, healthy, high-quality product with an exquisite taste.

Our Values

  • Commitment to high quality standards. 
  • Honesty, integrity and transparency.
  • Customer respect, and customer satisfaction.
  • Promote a culture of healthy eating. 

Our Message

To achieve self-sufficiency through the use of earth’s natural resources to produce a natural commodity that contributes in enriching the individual’s physical & mental health, and happiness. 

Our Goals

  • Raising the Kingdom’s production of natural cheese and dairy to global standards.
  • Contribute to increasing the level of awareness towards the importance of healthy food products, and its impact on our lifestyle. 
  • Improving the quality of taste in healthy food products. 
  • Contributing to charitable projects.
  • Employment of local talents.
  • Innovation: creating new types of cheese and products.
  • Motivating others to adopt self-reliance behavior to achieve self-sufficiency.