Our Story

In the year 2001, our family obtained a farm in Saihat. The farm had cows and goats living in a beautiful natural habitat. We fell in love with the land and started planting it with various crops like citrus, tomatoes, wild jujube, tropical almond, and various herbs. We introduced goats to our existing cattle. Our farm was thriving with life and blessing us with vast crops and milk. Amounts that exceeded our daily consumption. We consumed our share of the milk and gave some to neighbors, family, and friends. Yet, the surplus was too large and needed to be used. This is when the idea of manufacturing cheese first came to life. Labnah was the first cheese that we made, followed by feta and then mozzarella, and the list went on. And then, in 2014, we participated in a local trade fair where we offered a diverse range of cheese products. Our booth was so busy that we sold out by the last day of the trade fair. This was the first time that our cheese was introduced to the public. The orders continued even after the trade fair, which motivated us to continue until our home kitchen couldn’t support the volume. In 2016, we built our first home cheese factory. Our production expanded to include complementary products such as sauces, jams, ice cream, and Khairat Laziza exclusive products. In 2019, we built a bigger, more specialized factory to keep up with product diversity and increased demand. Nature has generously endowed us with its gifts, and we feel that it is our societal duty to transform those gifts into healthy, nutritious products.