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Salad Seasoning

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We made this seasoning with a homogeneous mixture of several natural elements from our production, where we use natural vinegar resulting from the fruits of dates or Buckthorn, in addition to lemon fruits from our harvest, dried spices from our farms as well, in addition to molasses, olive oil and organic salt.

The homogeneous mixture of these natural elements creates a healthy seasoning with great benefits and a special taste.

Benefits of salad dressing

1- Rich in vitamin C, which helps fight colds and also helps maintain a healthy heart.

2- Rich in complex vitamins, the most important of which is potassium, which helps to control blood pressure levels and helps the body to relax M in and enhances the work of the circulatory system, as it helps to pump blood into the arteries.

3- Contains citric acid in high concentrations, as this acid helps prevent the formation of kidney stones.

4- It contains calcium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth and combats brittleness.

5- Contains iron and phosphorous, which helps treat anemia and anemia.

6- Helps improve skin and nails health.

7- It strengthens the immune system and helps the body fight diseases

Nutritional facts
Total protein in grams: 16
Total carbohydrates in grams: 4
Total fat in grams: 4
116g / Kcal Calories:

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4 reviews for Salad Seasoning

  1. فاطمة آل عباس (verified owner)

    الصوص طعمه جدا مميز مع السلطات حتى في بعض طبخات الخضار استخدمه … فاطمة ال عباس

  2. فاطمة آل داوود (verified owner)

    لذييذ وطعمه مميز ويعطي السلطة نكهة لذييذة طلبته مرة ثانية

  3. سعاد عبدالله عبدالعال (verified owner)

    هذا لدريسنق عجيب ولذيذ جدا للسلطة اولادي صار يطلبو السلطة عشان يضيفوه معاها .. تسلم الايادي

  4. Raf (verified owner)

    عجبني مع السلطة ، إن شاء الله بطلبه مرة ثانية

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