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Laban with Mint

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Adding mint to the laban enhances its taste and increases its nutritional value.

Benefits of Laban with mint:

  • Provides the body with a large amount of calcium.
  • It promotes sleep
  • It strengthens and maintains the teeth.
  • It strengthens the immune system.
  • Kills bacteria that cause bad breath in the mouth.
  • Rich in antioxidants.
  • Reduces skin burns.
  • Moisturizes the body and keeps skin hydrated.
  • One of the most powerful sources of protein.
  • It helps protect against gallstones.
  • Rich in beneficial bacteria that boost the immune system in the body.
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4 reviews for Laban with Mint

  1. فاطمة (verified owner)

    يفوووووووز .. لذييييييييييذ .. لو بطلب مرة ثانية أكيد بضيف هذا اللبن للسلة

  2. فاطمة آل عباس (verified owner)

    مره لذيذ وخفيف وأولادي عجبهم

  3. zainab.swwet (verified owner)

    واخيرا حصلت منتجات طبيعيه وصحيه ١٠٠%
    لذيذ جدا ???????????? وقيمة غذائية كبيره????

  4. z_h_q2007 (verified owner)

    من الاعجاب بالمنتج طلبتنا تتحدث ✌️

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