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We make ketchup from fresh tomatoes, molasses and natural moist vinegar to create a wonderful healthy food that adds nutritional and healthy value to our dishes.

Benefits of ketchup:

1- Rich in iron, which raises hemoglobin in the blood.
2- Rich in vitamin C, which helps fight cold diseases.
3- Rich in antioxidants because it contains high levels of lycopene, as it fights free radicals that cause many diseases, the most important of which are heart diseases, improves skin and resists aging.
4- It contains high levels of calcium, phosphorous, vitamin K and C, and therefore it fights fragility and strengthens the bones in the body.

Uses of ketchup

1- We use it as a dipping sauce with french fries.
2- We use it with dishes that combine sweet and sour.
3- We use it with grills.
4- We use it with sauces and to add a good taste to the food.

Calories kcal
Total fat: zero
Total carbs: 21
Total protein: 4
Total calories: 100/100

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