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Spectrum Ice-cream

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This refreshing ice cream consists of 5 kinds of ice cream with 5 natural flavors.
Lemon , hibiscus , orange , strawberry ,and roman ice cream.
The intertwining of these five kinds, forms the colors of the spectrum with its wonderful beauty and wonderful taste that enriches the taste and introduces joy to the soul.
Spectrum Ice Cream Benefits:
1- Supported with multiple vitamins, which come from fruits that are included in the ice cream.
2- Provides the body with energy and vitality.
3- Rich in calcium, which fight fragility.
4- Rich in antioxidants that filter toxins from the blood.
5- Supports the immune system and increases the body’s resistance to diseases.
6- It gives you a feeling of happiness and pleasure.

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  1. ????? ????? (verified owner)

    جربته هذا النوع و جربت الفانيلا
    قوامهم مختلف عن الآيسكريم الجاهز شوي
    بس طعمهم أكثر من راااائع
    بالاضافه على عدم احتوائه على السكر الصناعي👍

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